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The Prettys Create A Feast Of Snacks For The Senses With Tapas

The Prettys Create A Feast Of Snacks For The Senses With Tapas

By Cole Young The five hour interview/feast of tapas started with an interpretive dance to Enya, ended with a drunken…



Saturday 15th, February 2014 / 08:45

Metz - credit Sebastian Buzzalino


Calgary’s own Viet Cong, who arguably present one of the best live shows to strike a chord within our local scene in recent days, introduced the night’s event. Their explosive yet complexly nuanced strain of post-punk is so immediately gratifying, it’s almost painful to the senses. During their set, Viet Cong crafted immense spaces of loud, unrelenting noise between songs, eventually detonating them into the next number. It was wholly an impressive and unwieldy welcome.

With VC already setting things ablaze, the night turned into an inferno in the wake of Toronto’s Metz. The crowd thickened into a furor, reciprocating the surging, destructive energy pulsating from the band before their eyes; little time for a breath was sanctioned between slashing and strident instrumental bellows. The trio’s synchronicity proved to be a powerful thing in its magnetism and, though their devotion to collective precision was made apparent onstage, an indisputable reckless energy permeated every movement and passage. The cavernous den that is the Republik only amplified their grungy, punk-infused dissonance, but there was little use in clutching ears. For a band of merely three, there is nothing mere about their prodigious sound.

And as quickly as it had begun, Metz struck their last chord, the only thing left being a perpetual ringing reverberating throughout. The show concluded in exhaustion and the remnants included broken glass and shattered belongings peppering the floor swimming in what I could only assumed to have been puddles of sweat, tears and beer.

By Nivedita Iyer
Photos by Sebastian Buzzalino