Monday 10th, March 2014 / 15:23


Turns out that it takes a lot to be Cool. As a new band of established musicians with day jobs, recording a new album with new music is no easy task. “We’re all working, we’re putting out the record, and we’re already writing new songs for the second release,” says ever-prolific percussionist Shawn Mrazek. “The idea was to try to do something really different, to be able to do multiple genres. Blue, Purple, White, Blue, and Green, they all sound like different tunes, and Cool can be whatever we want it to be.”

Cool is the newest act formed by Adrian Burrus, former frontman for the now-defunct Apollo Ghosts. “Adrian and I started jamming some tunes a year ago, and we wanted to try out some new ideas, different genres,” Mrazek says of his involvement. “It was stuff that he wasn’t able to do with Apollo Ghosts, but that we wanted to do. So I was playing along to these crazy loops that he was building from scratch, on the spot.” Joining them is Amanda P on bass, a relative newcomer to Vancouver’s music scene.

Cool’s new album is premiered by the video single Blue, a short film of an Australian hip hop dancer performing to their groove-heavy new-wave jam. “Blue doesn’t sound like much that’s going on right now,” Mrazek says. “I saw that someone at the CBC had tweeted that [Blue] was a Bowie-esque track, and I thought that was kind of cool because when you listen to Bowie, none of his two songs sound the same.” The production was produced through the website and quite blatantly shot at home on a shoestring budget, crafting a very amusing amateur music video.

Their upcoming show in the recently re-established art space, Red Gate, is incredibly inclusive. Not only is it billed as an all ages event, it’s also at the proper punk price of $5, with a $5 LP. Supporting acts Diane, Pups, and KMVP establish a triumphant, must-see line-up. “KMVP is fantastic, Diane and Pup are great too”, Mrazek assures. “I think it’s going to be a real love-in. A really fun night.”

Cool release the Paint LP at Red Gate on March 22nd.

By Mathieu Youdan