Monday 10th, March 2014 / 15:47


Taking time out of a hard day’s work, I had the privilege of kicking back with former Moneen member, Chris “Hippy” Hughes, to discuss his newest musical endeavour, Seas.

“The main lineup we have is me, Peter (Krpan) who plays drums — he played in Moneen — Erik (Hughes), who also played in Moneen, was also playing bass for a while, but he can’t really do it much anymore, so our pal, Kenny, is playing more now. Adrian (Mottram) from Sights and Sounds plays the guitar and our friend, Mike (Bolt) plays guitar as well,” Hughes says. “Adrian and Mike are the two guitar players that are coming out this time to Edmonton with me and then we’re meeting up with Clay Shea from Black Mastiff and Tristan (Helgason), formerly from Ghosts of Modern Man. We’re going to jam for a few days and they’re going to be the rhythm section for this West Coast tour.

“It’s a weird thing yeah.” Hughes comments in response to the flexible lineup of musicians across Canada. “I do write all of the songs, but I do have a main-band-type scenario. There’s a lot of different members who play with me. There’s the main five-piece that we usually try to play with but, if that doesn’t work, I have other friends who fill in for whoever’s needed. So, it always seems to be a different kind of lineup for shows. It’s funny.”

Hughes is planning to promote their latest album, Fade Out Into the Night, with a short tour across the Prairies, including Canmore, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton and Lethbridge. “The record came out in September. We haven’t played a ton of shows because we’ve all played in bands for years and toured for years. Some of us have kids. We don’t get to do it a lot. The record came out and we’ve been playing a lot of Ontario,” Hughes admits. “The last time I was in Edmonton, Clay said if we ever wanted to come out that he has a van and gear and musicians that will play. I thought, ‘Why not?’

“I’m very excited to be on tour, it’s been quite a while,” he continues. “I’m really looking forward to it. The last tour I was on was a year-and-a-half ago with Alexisonfire. Moneen went on tour with Alexisonfire for their final tour. We were pretty spoiled — I mean we got to fly to every show just because of the way the tour was booked, or whatever. I haven’t hopped in a van and toured around with friends in probably about four or five years. It’s going to be a ton of fun.

“It’s doesn’t matter,” he finishes. “I’ll play in someone’s basement. That’s just so much fun to me. I’ll play anywhere.”

Catch Seas at the Palomino in Calgary March 21 and the Pawn Shop in Edmonton March 22. 

By Robyn Condon