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Cheap Girls is a hidden gem of rock glory. This three-piece, consisting of Ian Graham (bass, lead vocals), Ben Graham (drums, back-up vocals) and Adam Aymor (guitar) is coming out of Michigan and jumping right into our laps, making an appearance in Calgary at the end of the month with Against Me! Having been on tour together before, the onstage chemistry between Against Me! and Cheap Girls makes this show a must see.

Cheap Girls plays the kind of music that any fan of rock craves, with influences like The Replacements, The Lemonheads and Wilco, you can tell that this trio just wants to make music that they love.

Famous Graves is Cheap Girls’ latest album, set to be released on May 13 via Xtra Mile Recordings. The album is a love letter written to what is the core of rock and roll, an album that displays the band’s ability to create compelling textures and lyrics using their barebone instruments. The album is a music experience that any rock fan would hold close to their hearts.

cheapgirls2“[Xtra Mile] made it easy for us to create the album we wanted to make. They were enthusiastic and that was important,” Ian Graham says. While recording their latest album, Graham suggests that the band was more determined this time. “We learned that it’s good to record an idea that we liked, even if we didn’t use it. We were more ambitious this time.”

When asked why he makes music, he is quick to say, “I’ve made music for a long time — it’s just how I spend my time. I started so young that there would definitely be a void on some level [at this point].” You would think that playing in the same band, brothers Ian and Ben would have hurdles to overcome, but Graham comments on the history they have together. “He first got drums when we were kids. I was probably five, but eventually I got a guitar. When we were that young, we would just play songs on the radio. We’ve pretty much been involved in projects together since then.”

Cheap Girls has made four albums now and, when reflecting on their first album, Find Me a Drink Home, to their latest creation, Graham says, “Listening to our first record, it sounds uncomfortable and nervous and hesitant. It’s definitely charming and I’m happy with that record, but now we are more comfortable and confident.”

Cheap Girls have often been compared to the sounds of many ‘90s college rock bands, but Famous Graves is an album that breaks away from that notion. “We are just a rock band. We are an all-encompassing rock band.”

Catch Cheap Girls with Against Me! at the Starlite (Edmonton) on March 28, at Republik (Calgary) on March 29 and at the West End Cultural Centre (Winnipeg) on April 1. Famous Graves is going to be available on May 13 via Xtra Mile Recordings.

By Brittany Lahure



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