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Don’t Go To Bass Coast

Don’t Go To Bass Coast

By Alan Ranta MERRITT – 2018 marked the tenth anniversary of Bass Coast, the infamous electronic music and arts festival that…

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Monday 21st, April 2014 / 18:03


Calgary’s premier rock trio NOSIS is celebrating the big ten-oh. As in, one decade of making eardrums bleed, panties drop and half chubs transform into full chubs. To celebrate, we gorged on barbecue with the trio at the Palomino and learned that every hard-earned year has a special meaning.


#10 – If you multiple 10 by 17.6, you have the number of delicious and nutritious Lucky Lagers drank on the day the band filmed the video for “Pulled Pork Romance.” The song is featured on their only release, 2012’s Sup… Come Over.

#9 – How many years NOSIS has been dealing with bassist and vocalist Robby Bell departing Calgary for months at a time to plant trees in British Columbia. Hence why the band is slow moving…  Although one could also blame the weed.

#8 – Pounds of pork currently roasting in the smoker. Cause these guys REALLY like their BBQ, in case you didn’t get that from the picture.

#7 – The number of venues they’ve played at that are now closed or no longer hosting shows. This includes the Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre, The Castle, The Underground, The New Black Centre for Music and Arts, the Barfly, and the Distillery’s 5th Avenue and 7th Avenue locations.

#6 – How many shows the band played on their first tour. Two gigs in Victoria (including a strip club on Mother’s Day) and one each in Nanaimo, Vancouver, Kamloops and Port McNeill, where they played at Welsh’s high school. The latter was particularly memorable, as they were “lighting fireworks and throwing them out the window… one got stuck on the windshield and put a huge crack in it!”

#5 – The month (May) that drummer Kevin Nelson joined as a permanent member back in 2011. When he heard the good news, bacon cheddar muffins were in the oven and, as excited as he was, he couldn’t leave to jam till the timing bell dinged.

#4- The month (April) and year (2004) that NOSIS began, in a dark, dank basement off 4th Street.

#3 – Number of drummers who’ve cycled through the ranks. That includes Tony Bauman, Jon McLean, and current drummer Nelson, also of Doberman and Daywalker.

#2 – Original members remaining in the band. This includes astrophysicist-in-training/ bassist/vocalist Robby Bell, who spends his evenings “measuring the moon,” and guitarist and vocalist Trevor Welsh, who thinks everyone should FOAD.

#1 – How many church groups that have told the band they are “praying they wouldn’t be jamming.” Yup, you read that right.

Celebrate with NOSIS on their ten-year anniversary at the Palomino on April 26 alongside Shooting Guns and Temple. 

Words and photo by Sarah Kitteringham


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