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Goodwill Lager Raises Money to Give Toys to Kids

Goodwill Lager Raises Money to Give Toys to Kids

By Jordan Yager VANCOUVER – The holiday season is about spending quality time with those closest to us – gathering…



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If you ever happen to find yourself wandering down 12th Avenue in the southwest portion of the inner city, you might just bump into one of Calgary’s best-kept secrets. Operating out a single room in Maddpretty Makeover Studio, you can find Corbett Frasz, owner of Corbett’s Rock & Roll Barbershop. From modest beginnings in a room in Lady Luck Salon, Frasz now boasts an impressive line-up of guys eagerly awaiting their next appointment.

What is it about Corbett’s shop that has men excited about getting a haircut? It might just have something to do with the fact that the Rock & Roll Barbershop is not your run-of-the-mill emporium of the 10-minute hack job. Clients of Corbett can look forward to a selection of concert DVDs played on an impressively sized TV and even ice-cold suds while their hair is expertly tapered and quaffed. Everything about the single chair shop screams rock ‘n’ roll, right down to the electric guitars and memorabilia proudly displayed on the walls.

The first thing that is apparent when walking into Corbett’s is the atmosphere. Like the barbershops of yore, this shop has been created with an idea in mind of offering an oasis to men who need an escape from the hectic demands of their day-to-day life. “It feels good to go to a barber shop,” says Frasz. “You can go and let your gut hang out.”

It‘s a stark contrast to the experience a man might have while visiting a high-end salon. Exorbitant prices and high fashion finish can leave many men feeling uncomfortable. Seeing a shift in values amongst men of today, Corbett saw a need and worked towards filling it.

“People are starting to realize now that men can get good haircuts and look good without having to be in a salon environment,” observes Frasz. So, if you’re in the market for a new ‘do, hop online and book an appointment with Corbett Frasz and you’ll get to witness one of the few bastions of the modern male.

Corbett’s Rock & Roll Barbershop is located at 102, 735 – 12 Ave. SW. For more information, visit

By Max Maxwell

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