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Since 2010, the Major Matt Mason Collective (MMMC) has endured in the performing arts scene in Calgary. With an impressive DIY and for-us-by-us attitude, the Collective has produced four plays with intentions to keep certain creative productions in the city powered first and foremost by youth. A host of multidisciplinary artists representing Calgary’s younger generations make up the MMMC, all of whom foster an inclusive, collaborative ambiance throughout each and every aspect of a production and in their community outreach.

Two of the four plays produced by the MMMC were written by Geoffrey Simon Brown, who now stands before his newest dramatic creation, Control. “I wrote Control while working at a key cutting shop. It was just a sort of a day dream play for me, in a place where I graduated school, before starting a career in theatre, a lull period, figuring what I’m doing with my life,” says Brown about MMMC’s newest production, which centres on two pairs of teenagers, exhibiting themes of crime, loneliness, love and fear of taking control. “Our whole mentality is created specifically, and directed to and about, a younger crowd. We don’t try to be hip and cool, we make plays that are interesting to us and for this generation that we belong to.”

While MMMC’s past productions have often been the result of collectively generated scripts, Control is an auteur work by Brown, who was initially spurred on by the now lead actors in the play, Charlie Gould, Lindsay Mullan and Stephen Hair.

“I see a lot of companies going towards work that is safer or doesn’t challenge people. I think that’s something that’s turned off a lot of people. They want their entertainment, their media, their art to challenge them,” Brown says, as he continues to work with a close-knit team of actors, directors, designers, lighting technicians, sound engineers, stage managers, and administrators throughout the June 12-14, and 17-21 showings, and beyond.

Catch Control from June 12-14 and 17-21 at Motel, in the EPCOR Centre for Performing Arts.

By Matt Hanson

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