What comes next for Aaron Carter after instant pop stardom

Monday 16th, June 2014 / 21:15
By Maryam Noorzai
Photo retrieved from Aaron Carter Facebook page

Photo retrieved from Aaron Carter Facebook page

VANCOUVER — You can tell a lot from Aaron Carter’s current tour, “the After Party,” just from the name alone. Considering 14 years ago, Carter’s first tour was aptly named Party, (one I’ll admit I would have liked to be invited to) the After Party tour comes as a nod to Carter’s former success as a pre-pubescent pop star while seasoned with an all grown up and ready to do some real partying flavour.

BeatRoute was able to catch up with Carter over the phone so he could divulge some intimate details of his publicized and often complicated career. In terms of the beginning of his stardom, after reflection, Carter frankly admits, “I had no idea what I was getting into. I was six years old, so it’s kinda hard to know what’s gonna happen.”

It’s easy to have some measure of sympathy for Carter considering he was just an average, albeit vivacious, kid at a time, with a growing fondness for girls and a penchant for singing and dancing. Carter just happened to be thrown off the deep end at a young age and levels saying, “I opened up for The Backstreet Boys one night, and then the next day I had a record deal. Three months later I had an album out and then the year after that, I had already sold a few million copies and was touring.”

Time sure does fly when you’re a kid. It’s easy to think maybe Carter bit off more than he could chew; but Carter breaks off a piece of wisdom in response: “I really don’t think anyone under the age of… 15 should be able to tell that you’re biting off more than you can chew. When you’re that young, you don’t have the experience to tell that you’re biting off more than you could chew. As a kid, you can’t do that.”

The last eight years since his tour previous has been busy for Carter. After doing a stint on Dancing with the Stars, where he cut many a rug, he starred in the Off-Broadway production The Fantasticks.

“[I] stopped doing the Broadway show last year, February, and I had done over 537 performances in a row, and then I took four days in-between my Broadway and my After Party Tour that I started last year, so I really didn’t get much chance to get any time off but it really did help a lot … [my] vocal endurance is heavier so I can do a lot more, you know?”

With a new single, “Where Do We Begin,” and, according to his Twitter a new album in the making, Carter’s Party 2, Carter’s message for his music isn’t all candy and crushes this time around.

“The message is just to identify with yourself, whatever it is that you’re doing. I’m a musician, I’m a performer, and I work through that aspect with my music… and I’m kind of a crazy person who likes to have fun so I like to project that with the music.”

For those eager to manifest their late-90s dream of partying with Carter a decade later, head down to Fortune Sound Club on June 22nd to hear this comeback-kid croon to us Canadians.

“I’m really, really looking forward to it, and we’ve put a lot into [the show.] It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Canada so come check it out cause you never know when I’m’a be there next.” Check you at the after-after party, Carter.

Aaron Carter plays at Fortune Sound Club June 22nd

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