Dan Savage’s Hump! Tour to turn Rio into adult theatre

Monday 30th, June 2014 / 15:39
By Katharine Sawchuk

HUMPVANCOUVER — Strap on your seat belts, Vancouver – a weekend of sex-positive amateur porn is coming your way. The Hump! Tour festival is a unique and honest look at human sexuality told by everyday people, and it hits Rio Theatre’s big screen for two nights this month.

For almost a decade, the Tour has challenged people to become “temporary weekend porn stars” by making their own five-minute dirty movies for prizes. Executive producer Rob Crocker says there is a wide range of sexual expression depicted in the 20 films. “We hope that folks viewing the festival take away a broader view of what turns people on. It’s great when straight men clap and cheer for the gay films and the gay men clap and cheer for the lesbian S&M films. The films are funny and real and I think most attendees leave with a little broader view of the sexual spectrum.”

Crocker has his own personal favourites from the tour. “Go Fuck Yourself is particularly hilarious; D&D Orgy is super sexy and fun; Magic Luv is creative and hot; Ouroborus is beautifully shoot and edited.”

He says the tour is meant to take viewers out of their comfort zones, in a playful way. “Many of these films are not films you would click on if you were home alone with your laptop. For that reason it’s important to keep it fun. Viewing the films with a large crowd actually makes this easier. People feel OK and safe viewing some of this stuff while in a large theatre where the crowd is laughing and clapping at the action on the screen.”

Crocker hopes not only will we be delightfully surprised by the creativity of the filmmakers, but educated as well. “Nothing in Hump is unsafe and the beauty is that folks end up seeing sexual acts that maybe they had no idea existed but are presented in a way that makes it clear the filmmakers find these acts fulfilling and hot! I think everyone comes away appreciating the diversity of human sexuality!”

The Hump! Tour festival slides into Vancouver July 4 – 5 at the Rio Theatre. For more information visit www.humptour.strangertickets.com/

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