Destroyer, Blackout Beach at Rickshaw Theatre

Monday 30th, June 2014 / 15:16
By Percible Lovethrift

June 12, 2014

Destroyer at Rickshaw Theatre. Photo: Jessica Brodeur

Destroyer at Rickshaw Theatre.
Photo: Jessica Brodeur

VANCOUVER — At this point in his career, Dan Bejar doesn’t need to worry about impressing anyone. He’s already released a heap of critically acclaimed albums as Destroyer, been a part of several more with the New Pornographers, and even been part of a couple of side projects like Swan Lake and Hello, Blue Roses. For this solo show, Bejar didn’t bother engaging much with the audience, but the local crowd was nevertheless riveted by the acoustic performance.

Standing alone onstage with his acoustic guitar, Bejar played a huge amount of material from throughout his career, at times going as far back as the ’90s. The crowd’s favourite songs were typically the newer ones, with tracks from Rubies and Kaputt earning cheers. Bejar could have turned his anthems into rousing sing-a-longs, but he preferred to keep his eyes shut and ignore the audience.

All told, it wasn’t quite as engaging as a full-band Destroyer show but there were moments when the quiet performance was spellbinding.

If Bejar seemed a bit aloof, the same cannot be said about opener Blackout Beach. Mercer — who has played with the headliners in Swan Lake — was funny and engaging. Using a distortion pedal and a drum machine, his songs were loud and frequently sprawlingly dynamic. Not bad for a solo acoustic guitar performance.

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