Mac DeMarco, Calvin Love, Meatbodies at Republik

Friday 04th, July 2014 / 16:52
By Shayla Friesen
Mac DeMarco Photo: Sebastian Buzzalino

Mac DeMarco
Photo: Sebastian Buzzalino

June 28, 2014


I hadn’t even reached the doors of Republik, the venue that would soon morph into Mac’s own rock ‘n’ roll nightclub, when fans began to chant his name. The openers for the night, the Meatbodies and Calvin Love, hadn’t yet reached the stage. It was luminously clear that everyone was solely there for the ever-lovable, gap-toothed goof. Every piece of present flesh seemed to be riding a premature wave of euphoria, which would continue to flourish throughout the night.

We were greeted sharply by the singer of the LA band, “OK, hi. We’re the Meatbodies.” The first ups provided us with a fuzz-fueled, groovy set. They were an effective energizing catalyst, their heavy sludge containing an enzyme that cranked everyone’s head to banger mode. The California kings ended their set with a great cherry atop of their stoner sundae, serving up a wicked cover of Black Sabbath’s, “Supernaut.”

Next up was Edmontonian Calvin Love. I fully believed in his good intentions, but the lounge-y washed-up disco vibe didn’t do it for me. The crowd that once rippled in waves together had become stagnant. Luckily, we remained amped up, riding the residual energy created from the sheer frantic and collective anticipation for Mac.

The sly, shit-eating grin that DeMarco wore for the majority of the concert barely begins to describe his undeniable charisma. DeMarco had everyone spellbound straight off, opening with “Salad Days.” Every soul on the floor was singing along – it felt as though we were hanging out in Mac’s basement, jamming on a Saturday night.

A rowdy vibe voyaged was present, with many crowd surfers throughout the night. Surfers included Mac’s brother, who was fittingly passed around during the crowd favourite, “Brother,” and Mac himself, who climbed along the ceiling while being handled.

Mac and his gang ended the night with a cover of Neil Young’s “Unknown Legend.” Things got real when Mac proclaimed that we all, “Kneel for Neil,” with everyone on the floor and stage kneeling on the ground, lighters floating overhead, singing along to the rest of the rocked out rendition.

I am still recovering from the cursed comedown of the show, one to never be forgotten. Our Canadian boy is still cooking up something good.

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