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A Mighty New Force In Hip-Hop: Haviah Mighty Raps To Empower

A Mighty New Force In Hip-Hop: Haviah Mighty Raps To Empower

By Courtney Heffernan After a fiery performance at the NXNE festival stage in downtown Toronto, Haviah Mighty is still in…

Music video stream: Louise Burns – Heaven

Wednesday 16th, July 2014 / 11:39
By Mathieu Youdan

Louise Burns is no stranger to soundtracks. Her first band Lillix found short-lived fame on the Freaky Friday soundtrack with their cover of “What I Like About You.” Burns returns to the cinema in a more classic and orchestral sense with her latest single, “Heaven.” The latest single from her 2013 album The Midnight Mass, Burn’s echoing voice sweetly sings the story of being buried alive by guilt and fighting her way out.

Daniel Code directs the accompanying video, which dramatically re-paces a darkened homage to The Karate Kid. Teila Nobel plays a young fighter who strengthens her might in the wilderness to compete against formidable foe Jason Asuncion in an intense kickboxing sequence. The slow-motion capture technique is utilized to great effect, bringing dramatic visual elements to each scene and emphasizing the textures created in action.

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