BeatRoute goes to AniRevo 2014 at the Vancouver Convention Centre

Tuesday 02nd, September 2014 / 16:28
By Michael Gill

VANCOUVER — If you noticed a large number of foam-sword wielding, brightly-haired, costumed warriors on the Skytrain last weekend, rest assured — you had not ingested bath salts.  These are just a few of the many colourful fans and attendants of Anime Revolution 2014.

Held at the Vancouver Convention Centre a.k.a. AniRevo is a three-day convention celebrating everything in anime and Japanese culture. Exhibits, panels, art, costumes, gaming, musical performances and even some more adult-themed events like the 18+ swimsuit competition and speed dating.

Anime quite literally means Japanese animation. Though narrow in its definition, you will easily find cosplayers (costumed fans) representing the entire gamut of pop culture at this con. From Pokemon to Game of Thrones , nothing seems to be off limits. The convention is a way to be social and meet other like-minded fans, with many travelling out of city and province for the chance.

I spent three days talking to and meeting people at the con. We had fun, made jokes and didn’t take ourselves too seriously. In the end, what I took away was that these people are accepting, friendly, loyal and surprisingly fearless. They are not ashamed or afraid to express who they are and are beautiful for it. We should all be a little more like these nerds these geeks these people.

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