BeatRoute’s British Columbia Brewery Tour – Parallel 49

Wednesday 03rd, September 2014 / 18:40

By tiina liimu

Photo: Whitney Krutzfeldt

Photo: Whitney Krutzfeldt

VANCOUVER — Brewmasters are modern day sorcerers. They hold the secret recipes for some of the most glorious concoctions of our times, they disappear into rooms full of vats and various machinery to make their magic happen, and what they produce is nothing short of a wizardly elixir: beer. Whether carefully preparing traditional family recipes unchanged for generations, or whipping up new inventions of unexplored combinations, craft beer is becoming standard for beer drinkers – and brewmasters run the show.

Vancouver is lucky enough to have a small army of them in our midst. Anyone serious enough about their local craft beer would know which brewmasters are known for their outrageously bitter IPAs, silky smooth stouts, dangerously alcoholic strong ales, or crowd-pleasing sessionable lagers. If you haven’t had time to peruse each of the breweries and chat up their masters (and we’d recommend you do!) BeatRoute has the cheat sheet for you. Our editors sat for many a beer with these crafty alchemists to find out the secrets to their beers. We even uncovered some of their hangover cures too!

Parallel 49
Brewmaster: Graham With

Photo: Whitney Krutzfeldt

Photo: Whitney Krutzfeldt

This popular taproom has quickly earned a coveted spot as the ‘go-to’ destination and veritable beer-sampling haven for craft enthusiasts. An oasis of hops, grains and glasses of gold inhabit the unlikely location between of one of the busiest shipping ports and the East Village industrial district. A relaxed tasting lounge equipped with fresh taps, distinctive brews, infusions and blends guarantee to raise the bar of artisanal beers. Brewed on site, Parallel 49 has certainly hit the amber hued jackpot as a staple for local regulars and to add, the rotating food trucks parked outside cater to your inner foodie. Within a fast two years, this independent operation has leaped headfirst with downright savvy into the business of beer.

What makes your brewery unique?

The styles of beer we produce. We try to make beers that are off the beaten path. We use many different yeast strains and have probably brewed more than 40 different beers since we opened a little over two years ago.

What’s your favourite beer that you brew?

My favourite beer would probably be our Old Boy brown ale. I never seem to grow tired of it and we’ve put in a lot of work on the recipe. Brewing a new beer is always fun because there is an element of surprise to it and you aren’t 100 per cent if it will turn out like you imagined.

What’s the best part of your job?

The job satisfaction is pretty great when people tell you how much they enjoyed the beer you make. It’s also a really fun industry to work in. All the breweries seem to get along so well with each other. It’s also pretty great to have a beer you brewed after a long stressful day.

What’s your hangover cure?

I thought a greasy breakfast was my cure but then realized it may be the caesar or other such alcoholic beverage I’d have with breakfast. I’m gonna go with the hair of the dog for the instant hangover relief. Although, it only postpones the inevitable.

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