Brunch in bed: The Breakfast Courier offers new levels of hangover convenience in Vancouver

Wednesday 03rd, September 2014 / 15:21
By Rachel Morten
Illustration: Gillian Cole

Illustration: Gillian Cole

VANCOUVER — Have you ever had one of those mornings where the furthest you can travel is roughly the distance between your bed and the bathroom, and the concept of leaving the house is not only frightening but inconceivable? It’s often in these darkest moments that we realize the cupboards are bare and there is little more than the empty bottles of booze that you enthusiastically consumed only a few hours before. It’s also in this moment that you know food will mean the difference between figurative death and surviving to drink another night – or day, whichever you prefer.

But fear not! The Breakfast Courier will save you from your misery in the glorious form of breakfast delivery. In partnership with some of Vancouver’s favourite breakfast spots – Cafe Zen Vancouver, Caffe Barney, Deacon’s Corner, The Brasserie, and Danz Gourmet – their perfectly curated breakfast menu is delivered directly to your door.

The six-item menu is filled with the early morning classics like French toast, pancakes, and the Vancity classic: the perfect pairing of scrabbled eggs, bacon, toast and hash browns. Not to mention the fresh coffee and cold-pressed juices to help it all go down.

Serving the Vancouver area from Commercial Drive and Alma, through Waterfront to 16th Avenue, the Breakfast Courier delivers from 8 a.m. till noon Monday through Friday and until 2 p.m. on weekends.

Check out for details and to place an order.

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