NOLA brothers Crowbar fight the good fight

Monday 15th, September 2014 / 12:06
By Heath Fenton
Photo: Zack Smith

Photo: Zack Smith

VANCOUVER — Make no mistake; Crowbar is Kirk Windstein’s band. As vocalist, guitarist and chief songwriter, it is his baby, vision, and his mission. Windstein recently made the bold leap from the commercially successful band Down to concentrate on Crowbar and allow it consume his life once again. With a history that dates back to the eighties, Crowbar hits the road with what might be his favourite line-up yet. “All the members are in sync,” confirms Windstein.

When asked if there was ever a time it might be the end? “NO!!” he responds with double exclamation, “It’s my band and I always knew it would breathe new life. It never stops.” Despite personnel shifts over the years, Windstein is the Crowbar drive and constant. “I’m still in the band that I created. I have always wanted the sound that Crowbar has and I have made sure through the years to keep that sound no matter what lineup we have. If I have to play all the instruments in the studio to get it – it is done,” he responds with a sense of humour.

The result of the latest project is the masterful Symmetry In Black, Crowbar’s tenth release that coincides with their 25th anniversary. “It was recorded in NOLA [New Orleans]. I produced it along with Duane Simoneaux. So far the response has been unbelievingly positive. We are happy and feel blessed,” he explains. The band continues to work with label E1 and this album follows Sever the Wicked Hand from 2011.

Crowbar is a band considered to be pioneers of the doom, sludge, stoner metal movement. “Well it seems as though we have just been recognized as starting sludge which we created in 1989. I have noticed a lot of bands that have our influence and I love it,” he responds with a sense of pride and “to have been part of creating something.” Windstein holds a distinguished place in metal because he has always remained true to his roots. “We have played together in many bands and played apart but our legacy for NOLA music has always been strong,” he maintains.

Opportunity knocks for a few firsts this tour and with such a substantial catalogue each show holds the potential. “We have over 100 songs now but we know what the fans like and we try to throw in some surprises here and there,” hints Kirk and another rarity, “Totally excited to come up to Canada!”

Crowbar perform at the Rickshaw Theatre September 28th.

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