Fucked Up, Alvvays at Republik

Wednesday 01st, October 2014 / 12:43
By Spencer Brown
Fucked Up Photo: Sebastian Buzzalino

Fucked Up
Photo: Sebastian Buzzalino

September 21, 2014

CALGARY — If you own more than three records, possibly listen to at least two of them, you agreed that the unlikely combination of Toronto hardcore kids Fucked Up and the jangle of East Coasters Alvvays was the best thing to do with your Sunday night.

Shortly after nine, the white sneaker clad crew led by Molly Rankin took to the stage. Proving the nuts and bolts of the hype machine behind them weren’t just meaningless fluffy adjectives flitting about the blogosphere. They played their album (recorded by “Local Weirdo” Chad VanGaalen as he was playfully referenced) pretty much from start to finish but at greater, more glorious volume. There was the obligatory shout out to East Coast expat friends and family, as well as some remarks about the pleasant surprise of the Calgary audience. Then, with one flick of a pedal board, it was over and the encore-less white sneakers shuffled off.

Next up was Fucked Up. Regardless of the opinions about frontman Damian Abraham’s smaller waist size, or their Rock Operas versus their early 7-inches, you cannot deny that they’re a fun, engaging live band. After quipping that they should have entered to Chixdiggit’s “Chupacabra” Fucked Up took the Republik through a decent chunk of their catalogue. Stage dives were taken, mics were put into the audience, and hugs were given freely. Damien also remarked that during Sled Island 2010 when he’d come to see The Melvins play Republik he’d thought to himself “I hope I play that venue someday because there’s so much to climb on”, so of course, he clambered all over the room. Much like the bands, the crowd ended leaving sweaty, hoarse and happy. Except they kept their shirts on.

Alvvays Photo: Sebastian Buzzalino

Photo: Sebastian Buzzalino

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