Dancebeat: October 2014 – Fluid Movement Festival picks

Friday 03rd, October 2014 / 18:04
By Sara Elizabeth Taylor

CALGARY — Each year, the Fluid Movement Festival brings local, national and international artists to Calgary to showcase the best in contemporary dance and physical performance. The 2014 festival takes place from October 14-26 and features performers from Israel, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and Calgary; here are BeatRoute’s picks for the can’t-miss shows.

Theatre Junction GRAND
October 22-25 

Though only formed in 2013, L-E-V, the provocative Israeli dance company headed by Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar, is already making a name for itself with its distinctive aesthetic and conceptual choreography. In House, ten dancers dressed in nude body stockings move hypnotically to a techno beat, transforming from feral animals to ghostly mannequins in an exploration of sexuality and the supernatural.

Tentacle Tribe with Tony Tran and Tara Wilson
Big Secret Theatre
October 16-18 

Tentacle Tribe is a Montreal-based Canadian-Swedish creative alliance between Emmanuelle Lê Phan and Elon Höglund, who use conceptual hip hop to create uncommon dance works with a contemporary approach. They will be joined at the Fluid Movement Festival by Calgary’s own Tony Tran and Tara Wilson.

The Cathedral Church
October 15 [Free Show] 

As modern technology is pulling us apart, it takes a physical collision in order for us to notice, feel and see each other. WE MUST COLLIDE by Calgary’s own Dancing Monkey Laboratories is an energetic interdisciplinary piece that delves into the violence of stillness against the explosion of touch.

Physical Therapy Cabaret & Urban Culture Cabaret
October 19-20 (Physical Therapy) & October 21, 26 (Urban Culture)


Photo: Aldona B Photography

Festival staples, the Urban Culture Cabaret and Physical Therapy Cabaret offer a wildly fluid mix of performances exposing Calgary’s creative underbelly and the distinct creative perspectives our city possesses. The cabarets are a perfect way for beginners to explore what the Fluid Movement Festival has to offer.

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