Foxygen – … And Star Power

Friday 03rd, October 2014 / 18:40
By Nick Laugher



When you think about it, it’s kind of the only logical way Foxygen could have written a follow-up record to We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic. One can assume that writing a 24-song concept album that makes references to space and is home to song titles like “Cannibal Holocaust,” “666,” and “Star Power II: Star Power Nite” is like doing a bunch of acid on the Vegas strip. It’s a poor decision that you just decide to love and embrace as endearingly fucked-up, instead of hating yourself for it.

Clocking in at almost an hour and a half, there are a handful of really stunning, melodic psychedelic rock and weirdo folk songs peppering the album, but there’s also just a bunch of utter inanity. Some songs meander for what seems like days, while others are over before you can blink, having served no purpose other than being abrasive. The bizarre stuttering pace and wildly diverse array of styles give it a schizophrenic ferocity, and an unpredictable trajectory.

For all that it’s bloated with weird, seemingly nonsensical conceptual bullshit, the ridiculousness and weirdness of this album is what makes it so ultimately endearing and strange to listen to. It’s overblown, overdramatic, takes itself way too seriously and is just generally full of shit, and I don’t think I could love it more for that.



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