Lab Coast – Pictures on the Wall

Friday 03rd, October 2014 / 18:38
By John Julius

Lab Coast - Pictures on the Wall

Shake! Records

Lab Coast are one of the strongest acts in Canadian music today and they release CASSETTES. I get the aesthetic of lo-fi, I really do, but the whole tape “scene” always felt shallow to me. Lab Coast doesn’t hide boring melodies behind tape grime, though. Their songs would be amazing no matter where they were stored. Best of all, Lab Coast keeps the reverb to acceptable levels most of the time.

“Really Realize” and “All Right” will burrow into your subconscious one way or another. Some of the new Lab Coast songs sound a lot like old Lab Coast songs. “Radio” has beautiful harmonies, “Schair” has annoying keyboards and silly voices because Lab Coast occasionally likes to remind us that we are listening to a cassette. But despite the grit, despite the occasional out-of-tune vocal line, these songs excel regardless of their playback medium. “On My Jeans” sounds like it could have been written by a long-forgotten San Fran band, overshadowed by the Grateful Dead but infinitely more creative. The bass in “Last a While” drips soul. Be proud, Lab Coast are proving once again that Canadian bands can write circles around California bands.

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