Ty Segall – Manipulator

Friday 03rd, October 2014 / 18:28
By Shayla Friesen


Drag City

The Bay Area’s Ty Segall wishes our ears well with his latest album, Manipulator. Spoiling us with a whopping 17 tracks, Segall is seemingly clearing his crusty ways, indulging us with tastier riffs and tighter song structures. Rock-induced comas may occur.

The songs are fresh, glam-rock ridden (Bowie before the cocaine), and exuberantly easy to listen to. Segall is learning that slow and steady really does win the race. It took him more than a year to write and record the album, shocking after the many flash albums he’s dropped in his 27 years here on Earth.

Some may be looking for something more raw and rickety from the garage rockster, but his latest release from Drag City cleanses the palate, leaving us begging for more psychedelic pills in the form of washed-out guitar.

Organs are the greeters on the title track, easing the listener into the visionary voyage. “The Faker” is a superb tie-dyed T-Rex raunch. Upbeat, “Tall Man Skinny Lady,” will linger in your mainframe for many minutes after the initial spin, the perfect segue for the following stringy ballad, “The Singer.” There is much to feel (see: “The Feels”), and much to reminisce about if you grew up in the golden age of the ‘70s (or, those of us who were there in spirit).

Don’t worry, there’s still much fuzz to be found on the record – enough to last ‘till Ty’s next release. Let’s not expect that to be too soon, though.