Dance, music and technology unite in Canadian premiere of HOUSE at Theatre Junction GRAND

Monday 13th, October 2014 / 00:00
By Geneviève Dale
Photo: Gadi Dagon

Photo: Gadi Dagon

CALGARY — An explosive collaboration between Israeli dance superstars takes the stage at Theatre Junction GRAND as part of this year’s Springboard Fluid Festival this month. L-E-V’s Canadian premiere of HOUSE promises to be a bold presentation of dance, music and technology.

The production has been a primary focus of L-E-V since its founding, says Doug Letheren, dancer and founding member. “HOUSE is a manic arrangement of many, many layers, and expresses [a feeling] of human connection in a kind of collective.”

HOUSE uses movement, music, and technology to explore raw human emotion. It doesn’t take place in any specific location, or around any events in particular, but rather as a part of a common experience.

“What excites me most about HOUSE is the convergence of forms,” says Mark Lawes of Theatre Junction GRAND. “The line of contemporary dance and choreography that came out of [choreographer] Sharon Eyal’s time with the Batsheva Dance Company combined with Gai Behar’s music from the underground party scene in Tel Aviv results in a pop-formal aesthetic. The vitality and energy behind Eyal and Behar’s collaborative work is the L-E-V Dance company.”

The performance of HOUSE includes many takes on the themes of sexuality, which Letheren sees as “inseparable” from dancing. “[Eyal] creates from a raw and stream-of-consciousness source, and sexuality is naturally present in a… straightforward way, as a feeling or texture.” Sexuality is not used to titillate, and it is not used in a novel way, but as a feature of movement and commentary on human nature.

Technology also plays a role bringing HOUSE to life as well. Watch for innovative use of lighting, costumes and sound design. All things considered, HOUSE promises to be a thrill to experience.

HOUSE will be at Theatre Junction GRAND from October 22-25.

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