Get It On: Fulfill your fantasies

Monday 13th, October 2014 / 00:00
By Jess Panther

CALGARY — For anyone with any sort of imagination (and I’m sure yours is just as wild as anyone else’s), there is an element of fantasy that might often coincide with his or her thoughts and dreams. Halloween is one of my favorite fanciful holidays: we can dig into the backs of our closets, our tickle-trunks, and play pretend for a night or two without anyone questioning it too deeply. For those who prefer to play out the more uninhibited and sexual fantasies on a more regular basis, there is – and, you guessed it – erotic role-playing, or ERP.

This isn’t a how-to or beginner’s guide to getting into ERP. When it comes to the world of fantasy, that’s something you can decide for yourself, and there are likely already an abundance of basic scenarios that you’ve already been exposed to. If that’s what you’re looking for, I would suggest the almighty Google to direct you down the path of handsome pizza men and naughty schoolgirls. No, today I want to delve into the idea that your fantasies, whatever they may be, are your own and warrant a second look and a first taste.

Erotic role-playing is exactly what it sounds like: it’s playing out a personal fantasy with a consenting sexual partner(s) and can include, but is not limited to, the act of dressing up, scripts, alternate identities, etc. as a means of sexual satisfaction. If this is something that’s up your alley, I encourage you to act on it and give yourself a little time to play with your partner.

Why, you might ask? Well, not only can it be a lot of fun and help make you feel just that much more sexy, but it can encourage a closer bond with your lover. Sexual fantasies stem from a part of your innermost self, so in a way it’s a means to knowing one another on a deeper level of intimacy. Building on these fantasies and sharing them with another person might seem like a vulnerable act, and maybe it is, but when those deep desires are allowed to unfurl into the arms of a devoted paramour, well then the boundaries of your sex life only halt at the extent of your own imaginations.

There will always be scenarios that we might not be able to act on in real life – we can’t all afford pool boys. ERP allows for an outlet to act on such desires within the comforts of your own relationship, outside of the eye of the real world. Bonding with another person over your dreams and desires can be an ultimate human experience. Furthermore, it indulges an area of your relationship that is just between you and them where reality takes a sidebar to your imaginations.

So, if ERP is something you’ve been interested in but hadn’t quite found the perfect moment to act so boldly on it, give it some thought when deciding on that spicy couples’ costume for the end of the month. Let’s be honest, if there was ever a holiday for wearing your freak flag loud and proud, it’s Halloween.

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