Places Please: November 2014

Monday 03rd, November 2014 / 17:46
By Sara Elizabeth Taylor

CALGARY — In Calgary, we are lucky to have some truly fantastic theatre companies that create or host innovative, challenging and beautiful work. This month, why not go off the beaten path and check out what some of the smaller companies are contributing to our theatre scene? Here are three worth marking on the calendar for November.

Leaving Ruin (Fire Exit Theatre)
Engineered Air Theatre
November 5-9

Written and performed by Jeff Berryman, Leaving Ruin tells the story of Cyrus Manning, the preacher at a small West Texas church in a middle-of-nowhere town called Ruin. As the town falls on hard times and the congregation grows unhappy, Cyrus’ religious conviction falters. Has God abandoned the town of Ruin? And should Cyrus do the same?

A Beautiful View (Sage Theatre)
Vertigo Theatre
November 7-15

Photo: Jason Mehmel

Photo: Jason Mehmel

Two women meet. Soon, after the uncomfortable introductions and a series of unexpected encounters, a romance begins to blossom. Their connection is tentative and imperfect, but the women are determined to explore and solidify it. A Beautiful View is a quirky and funny tale from Canadian actor, playwright and director Daniel MacIvor.

The Dumb Waiter (Theatre Encounter)
Motel at the EPCOR CENTRE for the Performing Arts
November 25 – December 6

Two assassins sit in a basement room, waiting for their targets, when something unexpected happens: the dumb waiter brings down food from what the assassins thought was an abandoned kitchen. Paranoid and suspicious, the two begin to turn on – and prey upon – each other. One of Nobel Prize-winning playwright Harold Pinter’s first works for the stage, The Dumb Waiter was first performed in 1960. Come and see how it has managed to last for over 50 years!

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