Montreal psychobilly act The Brains is amping up its schedule

Tuesday 04th, November 2014 / 15:05
By Sarah Mac

The-BrainsCALGARY — Montreal’s favourite psychobilly band, The Brains, are returning for a fall tour, bringing with them The Boids and the Planet Smashers, both Montreal natives as well. On this tour they’ll be hitting up every Canadian city possible, starting with their hometown – so no excuses, kids! We spoke with Colin The Dead (stand-up bass/vocals) about rumours of new records and why America is never on their touring schedule.

BeatRoute: We’ve heard The Brains will be releasing a couple new records in the near future, including a cover song EP?

Colin The Dead: Yeah, that’s right, we are and it’s coming out really, really soon. We finished recording it before we went on the last European tour, so we’ve been sitting on it for a while. And, right now, we’re recording our next full-length record — we got really caught up in that. We had a lot going on and the EP kind of fell by the wayside, but we really wanted to put it out — it’s too fabulous not to! The album is all cover songs, but it’s all ’80s and we did them up Brains style. There’s some really fun songs on there: new wave, punk, a little bit of everything. It’ll be coming out really soon, probably by the end of the month.

BR: While we’re talking about records, how close are you to having the new full-length finished?

CTD: Really close. I finished all my bass tracks last night. All that’s left is half the guitars, half the vocals, all the backing vocals and sound effects. I think our deadline is in about seven days, so we kind of have to have it finished. But we’re ahead of schedule, anyway. We’re thinking it will be released end of this year or beginning of next. I can’t really say, but we’ll be posting updates on our social media sites, so you’ll be able to get all the up to date information there.

BR: You guys seem to tour Europe and Canada quiet often, but there doesn’t seem to ever be an American tour. Are The Brains banned in the States?

CTD: Right now, we can’t legally tour the States. It’s not because we’ve done anything bad, no one in the band has a criminal record and we didn’t commit any horrible crimes. We’ve always toured with our work permits, too. But, well, the border patrol doesn’t like our lead singer. They don’t like the cut of his jib, they don’t like his last name, they don’t like anything about him. So, every time we go through there, you know we always have all our paperwork in order, but they always give us a hard time.

About six years ago, just after I joined the band, we were supposed to go out on tour with the Nekromantix. The tour was going to start up in California and work its way up into Canada and then back down to the States. Even though we had all our paperwork, they searched the van, asked us a hundred questions and were pretty much just trying to nail us with something. They took Rene (D La Muerte), our singer into another room, and I don’t know what happened in there but when they came out, we were allowed to go into the States but Rene wasn’t going anywhere. There’s a lot of Canadian bands that can’t get into the States, mostly Montreal bands, oddly enough. It’s horse shit!

Catch the Brains in Canada on tour this month at Dickens Pub (Calgary) on November 7 and at the Pawn Shop (Edmonton) on November 9.

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