King Tuff, La Sera at Fortune Sound Club

Sunday 09th, November 2014 / 14:15
By Jodi Gibson
LIVE King Tuff by Steve Louie 1

Photo: Steve Louie


October 23, 2014

VANCOUVER — You would have to hate live music to not enjoy a King Tuff show. This back-shed spit-garage rock provides all the good feelings of your best dudes playing battle of the bands in the high school gym. Touring in support of the album Black Moon Spell, this ruddy gang of seasoned rockers with greasy hair, worn and torn denim and band T-shirts had strangers cheers-ing and beers-ing all night long.

It seemed a bit odd at first for Le Sera, a bubblegum pop band, to open for Tuff, but less so when reflecting on Tuff’s former label Burger Records and its history of combining the genres. Fortune seemed clean and lacking beer-soaked floors for the show, but to these moshers, rock-standers and back-benders it didn’t matter — they were under a rock spell. As an ever-touring band it’s incredible the party-packed power King Tuff inspires, coaxing fans with one liners like, “This song’s about banging your lil’ fucking heads.”

There’s nothing cooler than a band who look like they’re having the time of their lives on stage. The raw verve, grimy riffs and catchy lyrics, topped with Tuff’s tin can surf-rock distortion, were the complete package of awesome. King Tuff is a band that brings all the great feelings of nostalgia and scummy love in a concise rock show. For the night we were a crowd of best pals listening to our favourite local rock band play our favourite tunes.

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