Prince – Art Official Age

Sunday 09th, November 2014 / 13:49
By Jennie Orton

Prince  - Art Official Age

Warner Music Canada

Prince returns to form and brings his skill at polished production perfection and swaggering hooks to the table like it’s 1999. Or ’89, since the songs feature elements of classics like “Head,” “Raspberry Beret” and “Purple Rain” like not a day has gone by. But now instead of being sung by a lacy sex fiend with a motorcycle engine between his legs, it’s lamented by a space cowboy shooting lasers from his lap and communicating telepathically. Prince has brought what he does best to the future, staking his claim as the music that will be playing at the “Welcome to Mars” party. The lyrics speak of getting over modern tropes (having the biggest pool, too many guns, shallow love) in favour of a place where weightlessness overtakes the need for time or self, or for anything but moving the body. It wouldn’t be Prince if this message wasn’t punctuated with omnipresent funk bass and songs about gettin’ some with an album cover featuring the man himself in hater blockers that cover his third eye, but he’s doing his thing. He always will be. He’s Prince. The Gold Standard. Funknroll, bitches.