Sarah Silverman – We Are Miracles

Sunday 09th, November 2014 / 13:48
By Christine Leonard-Cripps

Sarah Silverman - We Are Miracles

Sub Pop

It’s hard not to like Sarah Silverman. The Emmy-nominated actress and writer delivers her unapologetic humour with an acerbic wit and disarming vulgarity that stimulates and delights even as it offends. Silverman’s first headline special for HBO, this spoken-word recording features 11 of the “bits,” which the raven-tressed cominatrix performed at the Largo in Los Angeles. Filmed under the direction of Funny or Die producer, Liam Lynch, the album is the next chapter in a semi-autobiographical journey that achieved liftoff with her 2004 concert film, Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic.

Notoriously scrubbed from TED for being herself, the deliciously irreverent Silverman normalizes the obscure and magnifies the insignificant to good effect. Her punchy style traverses the gender line with ease as she allows her audience to let their guard down and follow her into the shower with her ample mother’s “’70s Jew bush.”

“Nothing seems crazy when you’re used to it.” A fitting mantra for the coquettish former bed-wetter. Somehow she manages to be sexually enticing and shockingly crass at the same time. Having failed to drive away her audience, Ms. Silverman has indeed forged her own creative license. Harvesting truthful glitter from the zeitgutter, she discusses everything from filming her constipated 19-year-old dog to the obvious upshot of adopting terminally ill babies. “Hitler Goes to Heaven; is the name of my band.” It’s hard not to see (atheist) miracles everywhere when you’re playing to a town where affluent housewives mingle in front of organic grocery stores to ponder the adoption of a freshly-imported batch o’ “Puppies from Iraq.” True story.