Beautiful World Media founder seeks to showcase the beauty of the world, including Calgary

Monday 10th, November 2014 / 14:45
By Hannah Many Guns
Photo: Courtesy of Jaimie Stewart

Photo: Courtesy of Jaimie Stewart

CALGARY — Aiming to highlight the beauty of the world, Jaimie Stewart, local audio-visual artist and Beautiful World Media founder, couples self-produced footage of serene landscapes with his own orchestral arrangements.

The result? A cinematic experience called Beautiful Calgary that not only enraptures its spectators but encapsulates the simple splendours of everyday life.

“I like to capture footage that would otherwise go unnoticed if not filmed,” articulates Stewart.

In doing this, he caters his work towards producing an emotional response from his audience, merging specific soundscapes with correlating imagery.

“I want my films and music to make people feel happy, and that really is my main focus,” Stewart expresses.

His most recent film, Beautiful Calgary (watch below), is a short piece in his Beautiful World series, bringing together elevating harmonies with diverse visuals of Calgary’s summer scenery.

“It took me a little over a month to get all the footage for Beautiful Calgary,” says Stewart.

Filming primarily in the northwest, Stewart captures the unique pastoral imagery that forms Calgary’s unique landscape. He also filmed downtown, in various parks, and in the southwest, where he compiled prime footage of the countryside.

The film, despite its brevity, offers a glimpse into the serenity of Calgary, featuring images of inner-city liveliness as well as warm landscape-shots of the city’s rural surroundings.

“I will definitely be featuring Calgary in more of my upcoming films,” Stewart insists.

His next venture is to produce a filmic experience that focuses on just people, showcasing their efforts to succeed in their passions.

“It’s going to be called People of Passion,” states Stewart.

Interested in following Stewarts creative journey? Check out his website at, or for an updated selection of his films – including Beautiful Calgaryas well as a longer film in the same series, Beautiful Maui.

Photo: Courtesy of Jaimie Stewart

Photo: Courtesy of Jaimie Stewart

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