Main Street Vinyl Record Fair: Hide and seek in record sleeves

Monday 10th, November 2014 / 15:14
By Daniel Young

VANCOUVER — Let the treasure hunt begin on November 16th at the Main Street Vinyl Record Fair.  

Treasure hunt you say? That’s right!  There has been an increasingly intense yearning over the past few years to bring vinyl back to its glory days, a return of long-lost lovers: records and music collectors.

There certainly is something cool about flipping through a bin of vinyl. Flipping through dusty boxes and stacks, then pulling out this piece of art that you carefully hold in your hands while walking towards the player, sliding the vinyl out, putting it over the spindle and then letting the needle flow down onto the vinyl for your ears pleasure. What can be better than spending an easy Sunday listening to music on vinyl? And the music isn’t always even the best part, sometimes it’s just part of a grand quest for treasures worth more than the vinyl itself.

That crack of darkness and silence between the paper and the plastic has been the home of many odd treasures. Some are family heirlooms hidden for safety, other illicit substances hidden for convenience. BeatRoute gathered up a tally of the urban myths that surround record collecting, and here are some of the coolest things that have been found in the secret spot in the sleeve. One collector read the words found in a letter from one brother to another while he was stationed in Vietnam. Perhaps the original pressing of a Velvet Underground and Nico is more your image of a jackpot? Sometimes that secret nook gets a bit nasty, and becomes the private home of old nude Polaroids of someone’s girlfriend dated 1974. Soft porn aside, collectors even occasionally cash in on… well, cash. Finding hundreds of dollars inside a record sleeve is the perfect way to fund the next season of record shopping. All in all, everyone from avid collectors to occasional browsers have been known to score more than what they were bargaining for in the search of the perfect music library.

Whatever your ‘treasure’ is you will have a decent chance at finding it at Vancouver’s vinyl fair. Tables are $80 and the best part about this is that vendors can only have one table each so you can expect them to only have brought their cream of the crop for you to peruse – don’t forget to tip the records sideways to see if any bonus items fall out.

Main Street Vinyl Record Fair happens on Sunday November 16 from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. at Heritage Hall. 

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