Get It On: Coconut oil’s good for more than just cooking

Monday 17th, November 2014 / 11:46
By Jess Panther

Fractionated-coconut-oilCALGARY — Coconut oil: supposedly the be-all cure for everything from split ends to bothersome hemorrhoids. While I’m not too sure I buy into a lot of the grandiose claims scattered throughout my Facebook feed on the multi-purposed oil, in my experience it sure as hell does make a damn good lube.

Outside of a slight mishap with some “warming” personal lubricant that ended up leaving more of a weird burning sensation that was certainly not appreciated, I haven’t had any real terrible experiences with other types of lubes that I’ve tried. I was, however, delighted when I first gave this one a whirl on what admittedly wasn’t a particularly romantic evening to myself. In fact, I haven’t bothered with anything else since.

Now, if you’ve found a particular lube you’re into that you feel works great, then I’m absolutely happy for you and your respective genitals. For some, it can be a little more difficult to narrow it down. There are so many options out there that to pick just one or two to try can be overwhelming. So, here is what I’ve found works best for me and I’ll give you a few reasons as to why.

The first thing that you might notice about your typical coconut oil is that it appears more as a solid at room temperature. Don’t let this throw you off, because as soon as it’s in your hand, it melts almost immediately. (Perhaps, not unlike your partner when you play your cards right.) I’ve found that very little is required to keep things sliding along and that it lasts for a long time. It’d be nice to not have to worry about reaching over to reapply, right? Furthermore, it doesn’t get sticky after awhile, which is something I’ve experienced with typical brands before.

Coconut oil can actually be quite beneficial to your skin as a moisturizer, provided you don’t have an allergy to coconuts. I’ve been to a number of massage therapists who use it in their practice, so it works great for sensual massage foreplay as well.

More importantly, it’s unlikely that it’ll irritate things “down south.” It’s not uncommon for women to be sensitive to irritants in other lubes (for example, glycerin), which can lead to things like yeast infections in the vagina. No one likes dealing with that kind of thing, and I do mean no one. In fact, coconut oil is said to have anti-fungal properties which, although I doubt will actually cure an infection, might help to keep them from developing.

Now, there are products specifically developed as personal lubricants out there that use coconut oil as a base or, if you’re like me, you can just use unrefined (raw and unprocessed) coconut oil that can be found at most grocery stores. It’s always a good idea to test out new products like this with caution, as everyone’s body reacts differently. If you find that it works for you, then go ahead and get messy with it! Maybe you weren’t able to get away for a romantic beachfront holiday with your lover this year, but at least this way you can still come out of it smelling like coconuts.

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