Anguish – Mountain

Saturday 06th, December 2014 / 18:44
By Jeff Black

anguishDark Descent Records

Leave it to Sweden. First we get Below, who succeeded at ripping off Candlemass by hiring a top-shelf singer. Anguish succeeds by doing exactly the opposite.

The first full-length song has cowbell and Tales of Creation riffs, ravaged by Tom G. Warrior vocals. “Stir Up the Demon” slides into a deadly slow-burner of a chord progression while singer J. Dee screams “I MURDERED HIM” every 45 seconds (although I’m sure he’s a real nice guy once you get to know him).The drumbeats have lots of breathing room; meaning that when the double kick comes in it actually means something.

“Decomposer of Planets,” the shortest track at three minutes, marks the transition into Mountain’s stronger second half with its guitar trills and spoken-word musings.

Last three songs will give you something to scream about. With so many bands burning out after the first two tracks, it’s refreshing to hear an album that ends better than it starts for a change. Doomsters of the world could do much worse than this album.



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