Ben Stevenson – Dirty Laundry

Saturday 06th, December 2014 / 18:13
By Troy Perlic

benstevensonCulvert Music

Far from teenybopper pop fluff, and not in line with today’s boastful bling-filled R&B, Ben Stevenson might just have a game changer on his hands. The release of his Dirty Laundry EP shows audible song depth that can only come from an impassioned artist and creator, someone who is proud of their efforts, someone trying to move people with the music rather than their image and distractions. This is real; this is intimate. Period.

Dreamy backbeats, down tempos, a pining-soulful voice… This is the sound of a songwriter and artist coming into his own. Ben Stevenson is blossoming before our ears. He deftly bridges a number of genres and caps off a great listen with the stunning acoustic guitar and vocals only track entitled “Start Over.” This final cut reveals just how powerful music can be in its simplest and barest of forms. Do you remember Marvin Gaye’s voice? Like Lenny Kravitz’s early acoustic love songs? Enjoy getting lost in your lover? Want simple lyrics that somehow manage to stimulate thought? Then give this a try. If you don’t, chances are you’ll hear tracks like “Summer Dealer” or “Ecstasy” at your favourite club or lounge anyways. But I’d suggest slow dancing with an angel to “Still.” Check it out.