Dire Omen – Wresting the Revelation of Futility

Saturday 06th, December 2014 / 17:46
By James Barager

direomenDark Descent Records

Opening with a foreboding guitar intro, leading into a flurry of blast beats and swirling, chaotic riffs reminiscent of Vancouver’s Mitochondrion, the minute and a half long intro to Dire Omen’s full-length debut gives you a clairvoyant glimpse for what the next 40 minutes brings; a dire omen, indeed.

Diversity isn’t this Edmonton trio’s strongest point, as many of the riffs, and less chaotic sections end up being a touch too similar to each other, especially around the 20-minute mark. Despite that, Wresting the Revelation of Futility never gets dull, as the sections of momentary respite (which call to mind death metal mainstays Incantation) from the tempest of blast beats and tumultuous guitar work are well placed and effective.

If you’re in the mood for crushing death metal with a well honed edge of song writing tact, you would do well to give this a spin. Great bass tone, to boot!