Queen – Forever

Saturday 06th, December 2014 / 15:24
By Jennie Orton

queenWarner Music

Queen can be polarizing. They are theatrical and satirical and dramatic and anthemic. They are what would happen if Meatloaf and a glittering peacock mated and had a litter of virtuosic unicorn babies, the largest of which sang with a six-octave range. That unicorn was of course Freddie Mercury, the most gifted and effortlessly natural front man in rock and roll history.

Since his 1991 death, those who adored him have been clinging to video and recorded evidence of his existence, and it is for these lonely souls that Forever will be like porn.

A selection of rarities and alternate takes selected by guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor, and three new songs put together using old vocal and backing tracks including the long-ago imagined duet between Mercury and Michael Jackson, this is an album for those who want to put on headphones and bliss out to the ethereal experience of Mercury singing. There is ample opportunity for this here, and as always, it is breathtaking.