U.K. duo Gorgon City reaches new ground with debut album and live incarnation

By Paul Rodgers
House-revival sensations Gorgon City come full circle.

House-revival sensations Gorgon City come full circle.

CALGARY — When U.K. producers Foamo (Kye Gibbon) and RacknRuin (Matt Robson-Scott) initially joined forces just over two years ago they immediately began making waves. With their debut album Sirens now under their belt and a new live element to their performance, Gorgon City have rapidly become one of the biggest names in the new wave of house music.

“It’s one of those things where it’s difficult; one of the hardest things about making music is letting go and saying that it’s finished and putting it out into the public realm. It’s quite a crazy thing,” says Robson-Scott about Sirens. “But it feels good and we’re really happy with it… we got a top 10 in the U.K.”

Their show in Calgary as part of the Blackbutter records tour will be a DJ performance, but they have been making steady progress on their live act. Although their album features a dozen different vocalists including Maverick Sabre, Katy B, MNEK and Academy Award-winning actress and singer Jennifer Hudson, the logistics of a tour featuring all of these different names would be virtually impossible.

“Originally when we did our live show, we did it with all of the feature vocalists. We only did it occasionally, we did it for special occasions, like for maybe TV or a radio thing or like a one-off show, but now we’ve developed an actual band,” says Robson-Scott.

The live band consists of vocalists Josh Barry and Lulu James who do all the male and female vocal parts respectively. Backup vocalist Janai and drummer Tugg also join them, while Robson-Scott and Gibbon perform the bass, keys and other elements of the songs.

“We’ve created something which is quite solid now and we’re really happy with the way it’s going. The U.K. tour was kind of a big thing for us because we never really toured the live show before that. We’d done a few shows here and there, but now we’ve done a full-on tour and we feel really confident as a band,” says Robson-Scott.

Gorgon City’s single “Ready For Your Love” has been met with enormous success, as the 16 million and rising YouTube hits evidence.

“It’s just one of those songs that’s really inspirational. It just makes you feel good and makes you feel happy and makes you feel excited about life and love and whatever you’re feeling at that moment,” explains Robson-Scott. “When you listen to it, it brings you up and makes everyone come together and just fucking go crazy.”

However, despite the success of their more club-friendly tracks, Sirens also showcases the deeper and more emotive side to Gorgon City’s musical repertoire.

“We wanted to make an album which had a bit of depth and a bit of meaning and have songs that made people feel emotions basically, not just straight-up club tracks. I think we tried to do that with tracks like “FTPA” and “Hard On Me” with Maverick Sabre and hopefully we achieved that,” says Robson-Scott.

Robson-Scott is confident that house music’s recent spike in popularity will ultimately not lead to it losing credibility in the underground music scene.

“The more EDM sort of sound has gone into the mainstream and that means that the people fighting against that will do something cool and make something really creative in the underground. I think that’s just going to keep happening with everything,” he says. “House music is never going to go away, deep house is never going to go away.”

He concludes aptly, “I think music goes in cycles, but I think no matter what happens, good music always prevails.”

You can see Gorgon City in Calgary at Commonwealth on January 7th, at Union Hall in Edmonton on the 8th and at Celebrities Nightclub in Vancouver on the 9th.

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