Raucous two-piece thrashers Skull Vultures go deep and dark

Monday 12th, January 2015 / 19:35
By Adam VanThiel

Skull-Vultures1-CreditMiltonStilleVANCOUVER — Skull Vultures are relative newcomers to the Vancouver scene, but they have already made serious waves, performing alongside some big names and releasing some seriously killer tunes along the way.

“We originated in early 2013 and the original line-up was me, Jason Puder and Joseph Tohill,” says guitarist Eli Slamang. “The original moniker for our group was Warlock Enforced, but in early 2014 we changed over to Skull Vultures, a name that Jason Puder muses came to him from the deepest, darkest parts of his mind.”

It was as a duo under the Skull Vultures banner that Slamang and Puder released their debut recording last summer, a two-track self-titled EP, and they hint that there’s more on the way.

“2014 was a huge year for us, we recorded a bunch of sweet material and are just getting to releasing it all now, we played a bunch of amazing shows and made some great friends,” says Slamang. “It’s taken some time to get to this point, but it’s been quite a fun journey over the last year, and I feel things are really just getting going!”

Opening for acts like Revocation and Crowbar has earned these heavy newcomers some serious street cred, and from playing with what seems like every other metal band in the Vancouver area, Skull Vultures has claimed their place among the top acts around town. They have already set their sights on some of the festivals coming up this summer. “We’re definitely planning on coming to Armstrong this year, it’s such a good festival to be on, and hearing about how it went the last couple years makes it seem like that much more awesome to be a part of.”

The Skull Vultures boys are looking ahead into a bright future, and they’re understandably stoked. Slamang adds that the group has some new music in the works and is planning on releasing another EP, and hopefully a full-length album next year. “The new material is covering a lot of ground in terms of different styles.”

Jamming and working with various drummers, this ambitious two-piece is constantly exploring and expanding their sound, and one never quite knows what to expect from their music. “I wouldn’t say there is any specific theme,” Slamang says of the band’s style, “We’re just aiming to shred hard and write all kinds of stuff.”

Skull Vultures are circling 2015, and death from above is imminent.

Skull Vultures will play their vinyl release show at Funky Winkerbeans on Jan 17th, supported by local acts Bushwhacker, Expain, and Neck of the Woods.

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