Dark Tranquility, Insomnium, Moosifix at Republik

Friday 23rd, January 2015 / 16:08
By Matt Telgen
Dark Tranquility at Republik. Photo: Jef Thorell

Dark Tranquility at Republik.
Photo: Jef Thorell

January 20, 2015

CALGARY — A cool Tuesday evening in Calgary saw numerous fans waiting eagerly outside to see some live music. Kicking the festivities off was local act Moosifix, whose heavy grind-like sound had fans crowding the stage after the first note. With some light-hearted banter and tongue-in-cheek content, the band would make you smile and tear your face off with blasts at the same time. Excellent set by a Calgary band.

Up next was Finland’s Insomnium. “Melodic death metal masters” sums up the band in four words, but to only use four words to discuss this band would be a crime. Their haunting-yet-tranquil guitar tones were soul piercing, especially during solos. With a driving rhythm section meshing everything together, there was never a time where heads were not swaying. The band’s offering was so engrossing; two separate fans that I spoke to after their set both said they “just had a religious experience.” Great set.

The mighty Dark Tranquility was last to take stage as the headlining act. Opening with the first track from their new album Construct, fans were quick to eat up every shred of sound. Through their set, they spanned nearly every album, pulling songs out of their bag of tricks not heard by fans in years. The band was tighter than a snare drum, with vocalist Mikael Stanne exhibiting the energy of a child on Christmas morning. The only slight to the entire evening was that Stanne’s vocals were too quiet in them mix, unfortunately making their set suffer. Regardless, if other fans noticed, they didn’t seem to mind. After 20+ years, Dark Tranquility still brings the house down!

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