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BEST OF 2018 – Editor’s Picks

BEST OF 2018 – Editor’s Picks

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Alberta-based heavy band Petrify releases self-titled debut

Monday 26th, January 2015 / 16:59
By Amanda De Kelver
Petrify plays chaotic punk/mathcore that will leave your eardrums ringing. Photo: Brandynn Leigh

Petrify plays chaotic punk/mathcore that will leave your eardrums ringing.
Photo: Brandynn Leigh

CALGARY — Petrify is a chaotic punk/mathcore band emerging from Alberta. Together for a short two years, the band has been working on their self-titled debut for the last 12 months. In February they will release Petrify, a slab of chaotic hardcore much anticipated by their fans. The opening guitar lines, the seductive mathcore drums with classic beats and screaming vocals are in your face. Including a few pallet cleanser songs that run on the slower side (yet are still lined with that deep gritty feel), the album was a work in progress delayed by member change ups. Today, the band is comprised of Calgary and Edmonton based musicians, including vocalist Keon Zukewich, bassist Warren Davidson, drummer Conner Satyro and guitarist Tayler Button.

“It’s been a dream working with them,” begins Zukewich, referring to new addition Satyro. Formerly of Abstract Asylum, Satyro found the transition to Petrify smooth.

“I just sent them YouTube videos of me drumming. Once we jammed, it just fit in perfectly.”

The result is a mathcore band with classical drumbeats.

As other new members were introduced, Petrify recorded some songs that Zukewich calls, “the best ones we have written yet.”

Live, the connection is palatable, as Petrify parlays pulsating energy. The gritty shrill of the guitar will leave your ears ringing, while the chaotic drums leave shivers down your spine.

“The thing I love about this style of music particularly, is it gives you the license to do whatever the fuck you want,” says Zukewich. “It’s like getting a knee to the face, and not being upset about it. It’s cool to be you. And we’re better live, because we’re right there to shove it in your face.”

That being said, Petrify promotes safety at their shows, wanting to create a space where kids can be introduced to music without the threat of violence.

“How are new kids supposed to come to these shows if they’re too scared? Moshing is a part of this scene, but you can’t purposely throw each other down and beat each other up,” says bassist Davidson. That said, the band loves the live experience.

“I can play a song perfectly a million times in my basement, but playing in front of a crowd, you look up for a brief second and see them smiling, laughing and rocking out to your music. The feeling is indescribable,” concludes drummer Satyro.

Petrify will have their self-titled album available at the Albert Park and Radisson Heights Community Centre on February 7th with Colour in the Clouds, Novelty and Year Over Year. 

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