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Enter Shikari Live at the Imperial

Enter Shikari Live at the Imperial

By Brendan Lee Imperial Friday, February 16th, 2018 VANCOUVER – Reaching peak velocity on the end of their first Canadian…


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Calgary hip-hop act Suicide Kings will ‘Rock Em’ to Sleep’

Monday 26th, January 2015 / 17:06
By Jennie Price
Suicide Kings appear to be a Stones Throw away from a hit record. Photo: Mika Dragoescu

Suicide Kings appear to be a Stones Throw away from a hit record.
Photo: Mika Dragoescu

CALGARY — Local hip-hop group Suicide Kings have refined their sound for the release of their third album, creating nine tracks of ‘90s infused beats with a wide range of lyricism. The result is Rock ‘Em to Sleep, which drops on March 5.

Panda Claw Records, a Californian record label that specializes in pressing vinyl, approached the group about releasing a 12-inch in 2014. Detroit native Joey Knuckles – the man with the voice – along with producer King Cole were interested in the opportunity, so started hustling up material for an album that’s set to release shortly after their Western Canadian Tour.

“As artists and fans of art we are super into vinyl and any physical forms of music,” says Cole during a phone interview.

“I think if you are going to be involved in any genre of music it’s important to take pride with not only what’s going on the album but with what the album looks like; its important to treat the people that listen to you.”

The album features collaborations with rappers like Detroit’s Aztek The Barfly and Teekay from Dragon Fli Empire, a hip-hop duo who are considered the Godfathers of Calgary rap.

“We like to keep it vibrant and keep some variety and not just have Joe spitting on the record. We want our friends on, and to get people involved,” says Cole.

With boom bass beats created by King Cole and skeptic lyrics written by Joey Knuckles, fans can definitely expect a more diverse record from the duo.

“Our last album was a lot heavier with hard beats, and in this one we threw in some soul and jazz samples, and kind of expanded our horizons on it, I feel like we’ve refined our sound for this album further than we have for the last, and I’m very excited with the style we’ve taken,” explains Cole.

To correlate with the start of their February tour, Suicide Kings will be releasing a track with Guilty Simpson via Stones Throw Records, an American independent music label based in Los Angeles.

The tour kicks off February 7th in Edmonton and hits Red Deer, Lethbridge and Fort McMurray, and notably includes a romance loving Valentine’s Day gig in Calgary with Dragon Fli Empire.

“We plan to do a full Canadian tour in April to support this upcoming record,” Cole shares. “Ultimately our biggest goal for this record is to tour it as extensively as we can.”

The vinyl can be purchased through Suicide Kings Merchandise and Panda Claws Records website once dropped and is a “good-looking thing to own.”

Watch the Suicide Kings in Edmonton on February 7 at DV8 Tavern. The duo will play at the Nite Owl in Calgary on Valentine’s Day.

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