Pizza, tacos, donairs and (Gender) Poutine, that’s right!

Monday 26th, January 2015 / 16:40
By Michael Grondin
Gender Poutine deliver fast and punchy, shoegazey punk rock inspired by Riot Grrrl. Photo: Katrina Isabelle

Gender Poutine deliver fast and punchy, shoegazey punk rock inspired by Riot Grrrl.
Photo: Katrina Isabelle

CALGARY — Gender Poutine is a three-piece, do-it-yourself, so-called “dream punk” band from Edmonton fueled by fun and greasy food. Andy Mulcair (drums), Adrian Jian (guitar) and Chris Gustav (bass) spent just under a year in the garage, emerging with the October 2014 EP Dear Mom, which parlays fast and punchy, shoegazey punk rock that speaks to fast-food crazed adolescent party animals.

“Gender Poutine is a poor adolescent decision we made. If you broke it down, Gender, our inspiration might have been the Riot Grrrl scene in Brooklyn. And Poutine… well, we just really love poutine. We didn’t really put too much thought into it, we were just messing around one day and it stuck,” says Mulcair on the naming of the band.

“We just love greasy food and being pigs,” adds Mulcair with a laugh. “I don’t think this band would exist if we weren’t just a bunch of pals that hang out together all the time and we tend to eat a lot together too.”

When Gender Poutine isn’t trying to score pizza or donairs in Edmonton’s core, they are writing and recording in each other’s garages. As a result their music is personal and simple, mixing in jokes and some real-life experiences. Accordingly, Dear Mom is a quick, four-song EP about pizza in the morning and serenading friends’ moms, the songs barely climbing to more than three minutes in length. Every member of the band lends vocals, and the music is driven by reverb soaked guitar, bass and drums.

“As far as what I do on the guitar, it’s very shoegazey for a punk band. What I play in other bands is very chill, lots of delay and reverb and stuff, and I still do that in Gender Poutine, but it’s punk music,” describes Jian.

The band says the only thing they fight over is what to eat before practicing or playing a gig.
“We do this more to entertain ourselves, so hopefully in the process if we can make it fun for other people, all the better,” says Jian.

The guys in Gender Poutine describe their live show as a party.

“There’s usually a lot of screaming going on and us being wacky, so hopefully it’s pretty entertaining,” finishes Gustav.

See Gender Poutine during an early show at Broken City on Friday, February 6 with Ashley Soft.

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