Yukon Blonde, Fountain at Biltmore Cabaret

Tuesday 27th, January 2015 / 17:37
By Rachel Teresa Park
Yukon Blonde at Biltmore Cabaret. Photo: Rachel Teresa Park

Yukon Blonde at Biltmore Cabaret.
Photo: Rachel Teresa Park

January 15, 2015

VANCOUVER — It was the Biltmore’s seventh birthday! What a way to celebrate the occasion with not one, but a couple of great bands, including Vancouver’s own Yukon Blonde. Holding a birthday party on a Thursday night is usually a no-no with your friends, but it seems that on this night, everyone came out to party.

Arriving at around 9 p.m., the number of people at the venue was low, but once Victoria-based band Fountain started up, the Biltmore had a great crowd. It was a great mixture of people, young and old, which created a relaxed, positive environment where lots of beers and cheers were happening all around me.

Fountain put on a great set with songs that sounded like a distant cousin to late-‘70s post-punk and good ol’ reliable rock ’n’ roll. They’ve got a girl drummer who was killing it, which is always great to see.

They were a good match to Yukon Blonde’s upbeat pop-rock set that caused people to get up and move. I’ve seen these guys at least four times, and their shows don’t get old. Solid performance, great stage presence, good sound, and their songs are always fun to have a few beers to and hang out with friends.

Playing some new songs from their upcoming album — no release date yet — created excitement among the crowd and didn’t stop people from dancing. Sounds like the new album is going to be a fun one!

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