If These Trees Could Talk – Red Forest / Above the Earth, Below the Sky

Sunday 01st, February 2015 / 16:21
By Sergey Jmourovski

trees-mMetal Blade Records

ITTCT are a post-rock band from Akron, Ohio that began their journey into the celestial waters of post rock during the genre’s apex in the mid-aughts. Their sound is a familiar exercise in crescendo driven song structure, laden with soaring delay and reverb soaked guitars, crashing drums and absence of vocals. The sound invokes similarities to their contemporaries Russian Circles, Red Sparowes and Explosions in the Sky but, unlike those heavy-hitters, their attempts to explore and contemplate human frailty fail to stay memorable over the course of the two full lengths about to be re-issued by Metal Blade. Both 2009’s Above the Earth, Below the Sky and 2012’s Red Forest are skilfully composed pieces, yet they manage to hit every stereotype of the genre, which could be just what a post-rock fan is looking for and usually finds in a tear-jerking indie film’s ending. This is about as vanilla as it comes, even for background make-out tunes. Next.

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