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Chutzpah! Festival Celebrates Diversity With Multifaceted International Programming

Chutzpah! Festival Celebrates Diversity With Multifaceted International Programming

by Yasmine Shemesh In Hebrew, chutzpah means “brazen audacity.” As such, it’s fitting that the term would be the namesake…

Screaming Females – Rose Mountain

Sunday 01st, February 2015 / 15:46
By Spencer Brown

screamingDon Giovanni Records

Rose Mountain marks nearly a decade for New Jersey’s Screaming Females. That said it musically harkens back not to 2005, but 1995 without being flippant. Given that Seattle based producer Matt Bayles (Sandrider, Mastodon, Minus the Bear, The Sword) is behind the knobs, it makes sense that there are mighty gobs of L7, Mudhoney and other specks of the Pacific Northwest on the album. This of course means that Marissa Paternoster’s guitar is at the forefront, but the rhythm section is nothing to scoff at either. Lyrically, the tracks on Rose Mountain tackle health, whether they are of the mental or physical variety. Indeed, whenever mental issues are raised in song, they are almost immediately followed with the effects felt on the bag of bones. However, this doesn’t mean the trek up Rose Mountain is hopeless. The Siamese Dreams-esque “Triumph” offers some shreds of encouragement while shredding. Thanks to its perfect combination of Screaming Female’s signature punk-meets-rock-meets-noise-meets-freak-out sound, coupled with a large dose of nostalgia and listenability, this may be the album that propels the band out of cult status.