Get It On: Sex toys for two (or more)

Tuesday 10th, February 2015 / 15:51
By Jess Panther

Vibrators and butt plugs and pocket pussies – oh my! A lot of times sex toys are seen as simply (or maybe not-so simply) things we masturbate with. As in, they’re used while we are on our own, but they no longer serve a purpose once a regular sexual partner comes into the picture. Or, at least they seem to be shelved for longer periods of time. What do you need a vibrator for when Don Juan’s got you bent over the kitchen table, right? Well, if you think that’s the case, I’m here to blow your mind. Using sex toys with a partner can really level up your sex life and even boost your relationship.

A lot of apprehension surrounding the idea of bringing erotic products into the bedroom circles the idea that they somehow replace or become stand-ins for our own bodies. Sometimes the thought is that if someone is interested in using a “insert sex toy here”, that in turn means that the flesh on flesh sensations aren’t enough on their own. If that’s a thought that’s going through your mind, I would like to stop you right there. Just stop. Remember, if your partner is curious about wanting try to bring toys into your sex life, that still includes the most integral part of that sexual experience to them – you!

That said, bringing the topic up with your significant other can be enough of a stressor to stifle the thought on it’s own. Like any new thing, it takes some experimentation and communication. I would highly discourage trying to throw this kind of thing into the mix unannounced – it’s just not a good idea – however, even just talking about incorporating fun new toys that you might be interested in using to get off can be a fun means to foreplay. Have I peaked your interest? Here are a few ideas on some simple couples toys to get you started:


There are a wide variety of options available when it comes to vibrators. Small ones are available specifically for clitoral stimulation, and even if you’re using the larger variety you can run them along the shaft of a cock, which I’m told feels great. More to the point, there are “couples vibrators” (like the We-Vibe, for instance) that are designed specifically for use during intercourse.

Cock Rings

These also come with a vibrating option, usually directed towards clitoral stimulation, but feel great for the guys involved too. I would suggest handing over the reigns to the lady so she can sit herself in an optimal spot.

Butt Plugs

Now, although this doesn’t necessarily stimulate two people at once, it can be used as a fun enhancer for couples who are interested in anal stimulation. Although, prostate stimulation is directed towards the guys, butt plugs can be really exciting for girls as well. Start small, and work your way up.

Lube up, feel the good vibrations and share the love, my friends. At the very least, hopefully this gave you some fun ideas for what to get your loved one for Valentine’s Day.

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