Places Please: February 2015

By Sara Elizabeth Taylor

CALGARY — Theatre in Calgary always starts off the new year strong, with the High Performance Rodeo providing a multitude of opportunities to get your fix of cultural creations from all around the world. But don’t let the excitement of discovery slip away! Here are some promising plays to check out in February.

Speed Dating for Sperm Donors
(Lunchbox Theatre)
Lunchbox Theatre
Feb. 2-21

SpeedDate-PlacesIt’s the classic love story: girl meets girl, girls fall in love, girls set out on a journey to find the perfect sperm donor to father their future child. Eschewing the typical route of the sperm bank, Helen and Paige discover that finding Mr. Right isn’t all that easy.

(Verb Theatre)
Motel Theatre at Arts Commons
Feb. 5-14

Ten thousand metric tons of CO2. That’s the current estimate for what an American child born today will add to the atmosphere. Knowing that, how can any environmentalist choose to have a child? That’s the question faced by the young couple in Duncan MacMillan’s Lungs, who are running out of time to make the biggest decision of their lives. They want to have a child for the right reasons… but what are the right reasons?

(The Shakespeare Company)
Lunchbox Theatre
Feb. 26 – Mar. 7

William Shagspeare has been commissioned by the government to write a play about the “true story” of a national crisis. Shagspeare is faced with a choice: betray his principles and tell the government’s version of the story, or risk his life by telling the truth? Bill Cain’s political thriller about bravery and honesty in difficult times is definitely not just for fans of the bard.

Steven: The Steven Truscott Story
(Workshop Theatre)
Pumphouse Theatre
Feb. 27 – Mar. 7

On September 30, 1959, Steven Truscott was found guilty and sentenced to be hanged for the rape and murder of 12-year-old Lynne Harper. But Truscott was himself only 14, making him the youngest person to sit on Canada’s death row. Steven: The Steven Truscott Story explores the tragedy that changed a community forever and sent shock waves around the world.

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