Bass Drum of Death, No Sinner at Fox Cabaret

Wednesday 18th, February 2015 / 14:14
By Lindsay Kasting
Bass Drum of Death at Fox Cabaret Photo: Tiina Liimu

Bass Drum of Death at Fox Cabaret
Photo: Tiina Liimu

January 29, 2015

VANCOUVER — While Bass Drum of Death came on carrying themselves humbly, that changed quickly as they launched into a high energy set of southern garage rock ’n’ roll that spurred a room full of college kids into crowd surfing mayhem. These Mississippi punks with their hard-hitting drums and creative distorted guitar lines clearly wiped out any soft-spoken references.

The Fox Cabaret was a full house with the kids freaking out up front while the garage rock veterans hung back, grinning. BDOD played without a bass player, but the two guitars had no trouble making up that depth of sound with the way they played off each other. Each player had eight pedals and knew how to use ‘em, giving them a diversity of sound throughout their set and appeasing the gear heads while paying homage to the groups before them that inspired much of their sound. They matched, or even exceeded their recordings released on Fat Possum out of Oxford, Mississippi, a notoriously picky label and with a presence on there, it establishes their credibility as players.

This Vancouver show falls right in the middle of their tour from the Midwest down the West Coast and back through Texas in support of their new LP, Rip This. They closed their set by saying, “See you all next year,” suggesting they’re coming back soon. Check them out online and keep an ear out for their next tour this way if you’re interested in hearing some fresh, quality recordings from the new generation of garage rock.

No Sinner opened the night with a solid set of bluesy rock ’n’ roll, fronted by what I imagine Bon Scott and Janis Joplin’s love child would sound like. With a relatively short set they still managed to give us a good introduction to their new guitar player.

No Sinner at Fox Cabaret Photo: Tiina Liimu

No Sinner at Fox Cabaret
Photo: Tiina Liimu

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