Calgary hardcore punk outfit Citizen Rage puts the music where their mouth is

Monday 23rd, February 2015 / 12:32
By Sarah Mac
Photo: Krystin Bennett

Photo: Krystin Bennett

CALGARY — Calgary, it’s time to open your eyes and open your ears. Citizen Rage is here with music that serves a purpose.

First of all you must know, the individual members of Citizen Rage are not new to the Calgary scene. Each has been in numerous bands and collectively are part of the Calgary Beer Core family. But most importantly, together they form a melodic hardcore band featuring Mark Russell on vocals, Kevin on guitar, J-Dog on drums, Mikey Bastard on rhythm guitar and Froid on bass.

“Citizen Rage is about spreading the word and passing it along,” explains Russell.

“Being conscious of social issues, influences the writing and gets our point across, ” adds Froid.

Their social awareness shines through lyrically, with profound, thought provoking ideas, driven by heavy hitting drums and quick, pulsating bass and guitar.

“We’re anthemic hardcore. We’re fast, hardcore punk. Music that people can sing along to and back us up onstage,” Russell says.

Their latest release, The Blue EP, which hit the streets on February 18th, is a strong follow-up to their first recording, The Red EP, which was released in August of 2014. Although, this is only their second recording, The Blue EP is not one to be taken lightly and will certainly not be their last.

“Our first album had less direction than this latest release, we just laid down tracks. On The Blue EP, we get more towards the ‘Citizen Rage’ aspect of it, we start talking about what’s important to us and the people that surround us in the scene and our fans,” reveals Russell. Songs like “Struggle” and “Seeing Red” emphasize these issues, or the social disorder, if you will.

Citizen Rage is currently on their first major tour and it’s a lengthy one! They kicked it off in Calgary with their EP release show recently and will double back to finish off the tour with another show in town at Dickens in March. When they’re not touring, they’ll be releasing records.

“A constant reminder of us, because there is always new music coming out from Citizen Rage,” boasts Russell.

Although they may not be as well known as the fallen bands they stem from as of yet, Citizen Rage will make you take notice.

Catch Citizen Rage at Dickens on Saturday, March 7th in Calgary.

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