Erosion hit the horse and came home with a trunkload of horseflesh

Tuesday 03rd, March 2015 / 19:42
By Milton Stille
Photo: Asia Fairbanks

Photo: Asia Fairbanks

VANCOUVER — Formed roughly a little over three years ago, and with only a single EP entitled Kill Us All that came out almost two years ago, it would be inaccurate to call Erosion “prolific.” However, one thing the band can’t be denied is its status as an abrasive d-beat powerhouse of destruction.

Conceived by Baptists members Danny Marshall (drums) and Nick Yacyshyn (guitar), Erosion quickly recruited original Three Inches of Blood screaming vocalist, Jamie Hooper. “Nick had some song ideas, and we had thought for a while that it would be fun to switch roles from what we played in our other band. Another band that I had played in, Congress, had just kind of fizzled out, but I really wanted to keep something going with our friend Jamie, who sang in that band. We knew that these songs were going to be right up his alley, so we asked him right off the bat,” explains Marshall. Rounding out the band are Rick O’dell on guitar, and Baptists vocalist Andrew Drury on bass – a relatively recent adjustment, due to the fact that original bassist, Gorgeous Gordon Smith, abruptly moved across the country to the Maritimes.

While due to circumstances pertaining to other obligations and not all members residing in the same city, Erosion isn’t the most active of bands on a regular basis. “The amount that we actually get to play is very side project-ish, unfortunately,” Marshall admits. However, this isn’t to say that the band has stagnated. Far from it, in fact; they have a new record tentatively out later this year. Marshall elaborates: “We’re eight or nine songs into material for a new full-length. We’ll get that done and out sometime inside this calendar year. Late summer/fall would be my guess. VERY stoked on the new tunes.”

Furthermore, the band seems to have constructed a dynamic that overcomes the setbacks that come with members living relatively far apart. Danny explains, “I come down to Vancouver a decent amount for Baptists things, so we just try to squeeze in a jam here or there before shows. Nick and Andrew just came up for a writing weekend in Kelowna for both bands, though, so that was rad.” Contrasting the songwriting approach between both bands, he adds, “Nick writes ’em, and we do what he says! It’s rare for him to present an idea that’s not pretty much complete. We give our two bits here and there on song structure stuff, but it’s more or less his domain. Nick is pretty fucking OK at the whole music thing, so the songs rarely need much adjusting.”

Erosion performs at the Biltmore Cabaret on March 11.

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