Punk act Car 87 is keeping the metal out of your hardcore

Tuesday 03rd, March 2015 / 20:30
By Sarah Mac
Car 87 is touring on the strength of two 7-inch recordings and whiskey soaked hardcore.  Photo: Milton Stille

Car 87 is touring on the strength of two 7-inch recordings and whiskey soaked hardcore.
Photo: Milton Stille

CALGARY — Car 87 is straight up, no bullshit, hardcore; traditional, NO METAL old school, just the way you like it.

Thrashing their way out of East Vancouver and rapidly across the continent, Car 87 have been doing it their way since 2011. With only two 7-inches released to date, they have developed a massive following of true hardcore fans. Trapped was released back in 2012, Mirrors is a split between Car 87 and Edmonton band Kroovy Rookers from 2014. These albums feature heavy hitting bass and drums, the melodic yet thrashy guitar riffs and of course, vocals courtesy of a long time whiskey slugger.

The “87” in their name inspires some associations due to the band’s ‘80s influence, being that those were the glory years of hardcore. That said, there’s no tie to 1987 or the ‘80s at all. Emerging from Vancouver and sticking to their roots, the Downtown Eastside, Car 87 lends their name from the emergency response vehicle that encircles the area, equipped with police and a mental health nurse. So, thanks to that handy squad car and their blood and sweat, we now have Car 87.

Recently BeatRoute had the pleasure of chatting with guitarist Mike “Wino” and bassist Mikey Jak about the D.I.Y. lifestyle and the possibility of a full-length record.

BeatRoute: Since Car 87 began, you haven’t had a label backing you up, it’s been 100 per cent D.I.Y. Have you run into any obstacles along the way?

Mikey Jak: Oh, I don’t know…booking tours? I’ve always been D.I.Y in any project or band I’ve been in. But basically, it (tours) works like a community. We’re going out to Alberta; Calgary on the 14th and the 13th in Edmonton. How we book shows out there is; we have friends that have bands out there (Alberta), so it works back and forth, if they want to get a show out here they call us and if want to play out there we call them. We don’t go through any booking agency or anything like that. Doing it yourself gives you a sense of pride when you’re doing it. It makes it more worth it.

Wino: I don’t think we have come across any barriers. We went to Texas last year and we’re doing a couple trips to California this summer. We’ve done everything we wanted so far. We make our own merch; we make our own records. We’ve done everything we’ve wanted, to be honest.

BR: So when can we expect a full-length album from Car 87?

MJ: We have all the songs, and we’ve been planning to do a full-length for a while now. So, we’re working on new material for our full-length, and it will be released at some undetermined date. But we have a bit of an obsession with playing shows. We book all these shows and then we say, “We’ve got to stop booking all these shows and get down to writing and recording” and it never happens. We especially have an obsession for playing shows out of Vancouver too and that doesn’t help. It’s just, when we have an opportunity to play somewhere we haven’t played, even if it’s some weird-ass, backwater place. We want to play there.

W: And it’ll make a great story one day. We love playing shows with unrelated bands, weird little places in the backspaces of somewhere. We’ve all been playing music for ages so why play the same bar or the same place in the same scene.

Don’t miss Car 87 in Edmonton at the DV8 on March 13th and the Nite Owl in Calgary on March 14th.

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